A Baby’s Memoir

This memoir is being written long after my babyhood.  It would have to be, wouldn’t it?  My language and writing skills took many years to develop.  Here are some memories from the dawn days of my arrival, when I first began to notice that I was me and not dangling toys above my crib or […]

Pigeon Rescue At Sea

I can only say that if you’re meant to meet, you’re meant to meet. This was a meeting at sea.  No, not the existential “being at sea” kind as in feeling forlorn.  This was the real, rolling, ocean-type sea.  Nothing in sight but sky, clouds and waves. You’re in a 22-foot fishing boat named “Up […]

Of Steadfastness & Intermittent Joy

This is a story of remarkably small proportions.  Of steadfastness and intermittent joy.  Of people who should never have met.   Of memories that have slipped away from view since they were of no particular significance to the world. This is the brief story of my parents’, Helen & Hal, first meeting.  The black & white […]

‘My Escape’ by Happy the dog

Dear Molly-dog, I want to tell you about my recent escape but needed to have time at my jailer’s laptop. It’s great that these new models have bark-to-text features. Otherwise, I’m all paws. We went to visit our treat-giving neighbors, Lyle & Carol, last Sunday – if I remember the day. You know, Molly-dog, days […]

Taking Time

I believe in taking time to open and close tubes of lipstick with my mother-in-law, Annie, while going through things to close up her apartment.  I knew that this singular moment would stay with me until I’m closing up my own life.  My husband’s mother was 89 at the time and she’d fallen after her […]

It will be alright

My friend Helen Burke, a great poet whom I’ve known for almost ten years, sent me her poem, “Cutting Up Suits.” Here are the opening lines: We sense she is tad upset when We get back from the pub And find she is cutting up his suits. Also, his record collection of 30 years Smashed […]

Make it do. Do without.

As a girl growing up in a neighborhood of Quincy, Massachusetts called Squantum, my mother watched her grandfather, Thomas ‘Grampie’ Murch, sew up a hole in his galoshes. This was pretty much impossible to do, she said, as the overshoes were made of thick rubber. Still, her very frugal grandparent “made do” by repairing rather […]

Attitude opens the aperture

The longest-lasting rainbow was recorded in Taipei, Taiwan on November 30, 2017.  Scientific observers tracked it for 9 hours.  The previous record, I believe was for 3 hours in Wales.  Hmm.  But if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it?  There are probably longer lasting rainbow – just unobserved. Here’s what […]

Racoon revenge

Horrifying… revenge.  The epigraph to ‘Anna Karenina’ – a book I read every few years – is biblical and equally unnerving:  Vengeance is mine, I will repay. (Romans 12:19)   Revenge is so intimate.  Think of the bully whose face you see in your nightmare – up close and reprehensible.  Fear, loathing and, of course, […]

Throw open the portals!

Happy New Year. My daily diary is a perpetual kind simply titled Spiritual Diary.  Each day provides an inspirational quote primarily from Paramahansa Yogananda’s writings.  For many years (decades in some cases) I’ve made cryptic entries along with noting the year, day of the week and location of my entry.  Throw open the portals was […]