Make it do. Do without.

As a girl growing up in a neighborhood of Quincy, Massachusetts called Squantum, my mother watched her grandfather, Thomas ‘Grampie’ Murch, sew up a hole in his galoshes. This was pretty much impossible to do, she said, as the overshoes were made of thick rubber. Still, her very frugal grandparent “made do” by repairing rather […]

Attitude opens the aperture

The longest-lasting rainbow was recorded in Taipei, Taiwan on November 30, 2017.  Scientific observers tracked it for 9 hours.  The previous record, I believe was for 3 hours in Wales.  Hmm.  But if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it?  There are probably longer lasting rainbow – just unobserved. Here’s what […]

Racoon revenge

Horrifying… revenge.  The epigraph to ‘Anna Karenina’ – a book I read every few years – is biblical and equally unnerving:  Vengeance is mine, I will repay. (Romans 12:19)   Revenge is so intimate.  Think of the bully whose face you see in your nightmare – up close and reprehensible.  Fear, loathing and, of course, […]

Throw open the portals!

Happy New Year. My daily diary is a perpetual kind simply titled Spiritual Diary.  Each day provides an inspirational quote primarily from Paramahansa Yogananda’s writings.  For many years (decades in some cases) I’ve made cryptic entries along with noting the year, day of the week and location of my entry.  Throw open the portals was […]

“you are in my way so I will hug you.”

On Twitter – or is it “in Twitter – you can encounter all things banal, bland, horrifying and uplifting.  I am not into the first three categories but the inspirational ones ride high on my horizon,  Here’s one by a Jake Parker: “My boy Calvin taught us all a lesson here in the Parker home: […]

someone should whisper the names of the fallen ones…

Such a provocative line from Helen Burke’s poem about her auntie’s dog, the ‘black as black can be’ Flossie.   Flossie, you see, will whisper the names of the fallen creatures that the boys shoot during their hunt. Poignancy comes to life in contrast with cruelty. A birds falls from a nest.  Another flutters into […]

12/22/17  Winston Churchill – A Twitter encounter

“Winston was always a lover of animals – he even reportedly said one Christmas dinner ‘you carve [the goose] Clemmie, he was a friend of mine’”  Such a provocative quote by this historic British statesman; and a humanizing insight. This remark was posted by the Chartwell, Kent Twitter account. Chartwell was the family home of […]

I’ve Fallen A Day Behind

I’ve fallen a day behind.  Yesterday is gone and today is approaching noon and the sun will lower itself in the sky for evening to take the stage.   This may be the last and final time that I mention falling behind.  Of course I’ll fall behind again.  No need to berate or confess to […]

“I found an easier way to be…”

“I found an easier way to be.” I copied this line onto a yellow sticky pad weeks ago and finally tore it off the page, managing it into a slender strip.  Now the quote lives inside my cellphone cover where dollar bills spend time, waiting.  During one of my financial withdrawals I re-read this and […]

11 December, a Monday

And a happy birthday to my sister.  Here she is at her first wedding. Today is her birthday and I texted her a Happy Birthday well-wish – unadorned except for a heart – and she responded a plain, ‘Thanks.’  Even if I’d followed this response with chit-chat I doubt that more about her day, her […]