Jasmine Tea

What Readers Say About Jasmine Tea:


Jasmine tea is like a Rumi poem, set to

Music that your soul knows it should remember

But sometimes the world gets in the way.

In the writing the battle for wisdom about

People, how they interact and move on in their

Lives is explored. The reader is nurtured

And given subtleties to consider.

This is a delicate and moving piece

With the power to enchant as well as surprise.


  Helen Burke, UK poet, artist

Author of Today The Birds Will Sing, Valley Press UK 2017



Take a pinch of Rumi, a dash of Hafiz, a small sprinkle of Rilke - add in Ms. Keough’s wit and wisdom – her finely designed sentences -stir gently- simmer slowly-  and you have the magical brew that is Jasmine Tea. 

Take a moment out of your crazy busy life and enjoy Jan's finely brewed “dream within a dream.” The Tea is poured and waiting for you...     

  Lynnie Gobeille, Poet, Origami Poems Project co-founder

Author of Life not quite Understood, FLP



In this delicate story Jan Keough brings the reader into a gentle, romantic world, where sensitivity is a way of life for the well-drawn characters adorning this realm.  How wonderful to travel to a place I did not want to leave.  Even a beetle appreciates its grace. 

               Lawrence J. Krips, author of A Soul’s Way…Soulspeak  and evolution coach.




Jan Keough creates a mystical courtyard where memory, love, and loss live with a wary beetle, nourished with jasmine tea and sweets, under the watchful eye of a parrot.  Her evocative world is balm for your soul, which will recognize this long-forgotten place and thank you for the reunion. 

  Mary Mueller is a psychotherapist and poet



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Jasmine Tea, a wandering" is a multi-layered narrative of a courtship, reunion and insights discovered by all who wander through the story. The story speaks to our inner life; a life where we find ourselves often quarreling with the whys and wherefores of daily circumstances. It is an insightful exploration set in a dreamlike landscape.


Through this enchanting tale, the characters learn about life, what their heart loves, and, most surprisingly, that the only requirement for true success is a willingness to try...


On each step of the journey, the reader is coaxed and delighted by drawings from the creativity of artist, Peg Quinn (Santa Barbara, CA), as well as with the whimsical imagery from digital artists Lauri Burke (RI), Phil Pattinson and Helen Burke (UK artists).


A story unfolding like Jasmine on a sun-touched branch.

Like the flurry of feathers preened from a bird’s wing.

Like travelers wandering through an open archway, reunited.

A fragrance streaming from the constancy of hearts.

Dreams within a dream.


Thank you for wandering, Jan Keough

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily merrily – Life is but a dream.” – nursery rhyme


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