For the future 8 December

I’m getting a day start on tomorrow.  I will be busy in the morning and my loquaciousness ebbs as the sun moves along its wintry path.


Hmm, most of life is learning what to call things.   See those faces hovering over you – mom, dad, perhaps the family dog.   This is why the onset of forgetfulness in old age causes the not-quite-so-old to look upon the “forgetters” with pity and a bit of horror; fearful of what may be their fate.

At the end time – our exit from the body – we will forget it all for a time, so I’ve read and so I believe.  Unless my/your consciousness can transcend its bodily encasement while living it will slumber for a while until reawakening in a new setting; be it physical, astral or whatever.

I’ve been having, since early on, a kind of mental stuttering when it comes to recalling a word or name.  Honestly, I am simply bored with trying to match the name of the person/thing with the internal identity of this ‘thing’ that I know.  I know for sure who ‘Susie-x’ is and recalling her name accurately doesn’t interest me sometimes.  Other times it does.  Other times I am please to see how igniting the name of a person we both know and identify is a pleasing experience.