ivy day, 10th of December

Let’s begin with ivy on a blue wall and celebrate finding ivy thoughts that wanders through our days…  And, perhaps, helps us find ourselves.  Ivy is persuasive, compliant and always roaming, seeking.  The blue wall remains blue as long as the ivy allows it.  Both need space to be seen.


In Response to a Friend’s Email about Hair Washing:

Yes, I, too, dread hair washing, hair appointments, hair brushing a – or worse, not brushing.  The hair brush is padded with hair that has escaped my attacks.

For weeks  I’ve been hemming and hawing to make a hair appointment.  I need to revisit either my “old” hair dresser or go back to my older “old” one.  The Older Old one clipped a bit (and I mean big) chunk of my hair in the back because she wanted it to be thinner back there.  I have lots of hair but it was like having something, well, amputated.  But she loved dogs, really & truly.  She was a hoot to visit, had a great personality.  She also had a beautiful chandelier in her room that charmed me.