“you are in my way so I will hug you.”

On Twitter – or is it “in Twitter – you encounter all things banal, bland, horrifying and uplifting.  I am not into the first three categories but the inspirational ones ride high on my horizon,  Here’s one by a Jake Parker:

“My boy Calvin taught us all a lesson here in the Parker home:

In our narrow hallway his sister was unintentionally blocking his path. He didn’t shove her out of the way or ask her to move.

He hugged her instead, saying, “you are in my way so I will hug you.”

Kudos to Calvin for his kind act.  And to his dad for the good fortune to witness this event and to appreciate its value.

It would be nice if every kindness could be seen so clearly.

Well, in how many hallways have I made such a positive/loving response?  OK, holding the door for someone immediately comes to mind.  But often I (er, always) expect thanks or a nod in return.  If neither comes then I’ve taken note, labeled the door-held recipient as ungrateful and possibly criminally uncivil.

Will I hold another door?  Yes.  Will I expect gratitude?  Probably.  Will I grouse when my door holding is taken for granted?  Perhaps… but maybe not.

I’m feeling that next time I might try to not expect a thanks, to not pull out my ledger of gratefulness.  Maybe I’ll let some other accountant do those numbers.  I never liked bookkeeping anyway.

And maybe I’ll try to be more creative in response to obstacles, human or otherwise.  I might have a much better time.  That is, I might smile for no reason.  And I might get a hug.

In the above photo, Kevin holds Pixie, our mini-schnauzer, while we enjoyed this beach view.