‘My Escape’ by Happy the dog

Dear Molly-dog,

I want to tell you about my recent escape but needed to have time at my jailer’s laptop. It’s great that these new models have bark-to-text features. Otherwise, I’m all paws.

We went to visit our treat-giving neighbors, Lyle & Carol, last Sunday – if I remember the day. You know, Molly-dog, days don’t mean much to me. I get up with the sun, wait by my bowl for breakfast and a walk, then play with my gingerbread man toy, take a nap, sit at the front window, ask for some treats, take another walk… Well, you get the idea.

So, while visiting Lyle & Carol out by their pool I hinted that I’d like to poke around the back yard.  (To hint means just stand and stare at whatever you want.)  Oh, Molly, almost forgot.  These neighbors have a bag of treats in the laundry room. Just look in that general direction if you stop by.  They’ll get the hint.

My captors were chatting away while I sniffed around the yard. You’re right, Molly, that’s mean of me. I should use more positive words for my two “owners.” (Owners, ha! I hear them grumble about the vet bills. Heck, I don’t have a bank account.)

The lady, Carol, who is very nice to me, loves my name, thinks I’m cute, noticed that I had disappeared through a hole in their fence.  Yup – and right into the next yard. Yippee!

Now this other yard had two large, peppery-black dogs.  I’ve exchanged barks with them before.  One was a standard poodle, the other, um… I don’t know or care. But they were cool & let me sniff & pee all over the place.  (I could hear my distressed keepers calling out to me – in their sweet, fake voices – but ignored them.)  I think I marked that yard pretty good, too.

It was a very nice visit until my owner-guy, Kevin, appeared with – horrors – a pink leash loaned to him by lady with the two behemoth dogs.  It was Martha Stewart pink – yuck!  Oh, you’d probably love it, Molly, but I thought it was… nasty.

I had to ‘sit’ and listen while these two chatted away.  I was about to be lead out the front door when – yikes – something streaked through the living room.  What was that!! – a small dog??  No, not a dog.  Kinda like a fluffy rat… The lady said it was her “CAT” –

I plan to get back into that yard, make my way into the house, and find that… rodent!   I am very good at barking anyone or anything into submission.

Uh oh, Molly, a certain someone wants her laptop back.  GRRRR… oh, a treat!

See ya kiddo!
Happy, aka The Hapster

8 thoughts on “‘My Escape’ by Happy the dog”

  1. I’m not so sure of Happy’s characterization of me! I was genuinely worried. But I was pleasantly surprised and very happy when, while at the neighbors house, Happy came trotting into her house from the back yard with his two new best friends. No barking, no nervousness…As if they’d been best friends forever!

  2. Happy, this is Renee, do you remember me? I dog sat for you while you were in Black Mountain last summer. Do you remember the secret we share? I guess it is okay for your house people to know about it now. You were sleeping on the front porch while I was weeding the garden, then I looked up and you were gone! I just about had a heart attack. I jumped in the car and drove all through the neighborhood and you were no where to be found. I was in total panic city and then, I found you in the back yard, deep in the woods and happy as a clam. I will be prepared for you next year, you sneaky little guy.

    Hugs to your house people and a big dog biscuit kiss for you,


    1. Hi Renee – I sure do remember my little flight in the back woods. I dream about it. My owners figure that I’ll return when I’m hungry – um, maybe so.

      Well, have to go ask my house folks to give me a treat. Typing is tiring when your claws have been just clipped.

      Love and Hugs to you two cool cats (no offense!).

  3. Woof, Happy,
    My name is Abby Tulip and I can’t wait to meet you! My surrogate dad, Allan, just finished making a bunker out of the backyard fence, but now I can tear around in the yard ad lib! I’ve even had a couple of play dates with my favorite neighbor, Sammy, and we ran till we dropped. We also destroyed the lawn…bonus! I’m so glad to know you are truly happy, since I’m still in recovery from my first 2 years of life and can be a real scaredy-dog sometimes. I’m getting much better, and you give me hope!
    So come home soon, and try to convince your humanoids that it really is warm and sunny up here in the mountains 24/7/365 …in my dreams. Give them both a big, slobbery kiss from me.

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