Winston Churchill – A Twitter encounter

“Winston was always a lover of animals – he even reportedly said one Christmas dinner ‘you carve [the goose] Clemmie, he was a friend of mine’”  I didn’t expect this from Churchill.  So humanizing.  He walked right up to me with this quote.  And, now, into this blog space.   This remark was posted by […]

I’ve Fallen A Day Behind

Yes, I’ve fallen a day behind.  Yesterday is gone and today is approaching noon and the sun will lower itself in the sky for evening to take the stage.  I cannot imagine how I lost the day.  This may the last time – the final moment in my conscious existence – that I mention “falling […]

“I found an easier way to be…”

“I found an easier way to be.” I copied this line onto a yellow sticky pad weeks ago and finally tore it off the page, managing it into a slender strip.  Now the quote lives inside my cellphone cover where dollar bills spend time, waiting.  During one of my financial withdrawals I re-read this and […]

11 December, a Monday

And a happy birthday to my sister.  Here she is at her first wedding. Today is her birthday and I texted her a Happy Birthday well-wish – unadorned except for a heart – and she responded a plain, ‘Thanks.’  Even if I’d followed this response with chit-chat I doubt that more about her day, her […]

ivy day, 10th of December

Let’s begin with ivy on a blue wall and celebrate finding ivy thoughts that wanders through our days…  And, perhaps, helps us find ourselves.  Ivy is persuasive, compliant and always roaming, seeking.  The blue wall remains blue as long as the ivy allows it.  Both need space to be seen. * In Response to a […]

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Today is the 8th of December and my previous comments on the ‘future’ 8th are moot. Why did I indulge in the pre-day entry yesterday? This morning I remembered.  I was caught in a memory byway…  half-seen, half-unknown.  I was standing in my Auntie Helen’s kitchen reading a saying hanging by the door.  I am […]

For the future 8 December

I’m getting a day start on tomorrow.  I will be busy in the morning and my loquaciousness ebbs as the sun moves along its wintry path. So… Hmm, most of life is learning what to call things.   See those faces hovering over you – mom, dad, perhaps the family dog.   This is why the onset […]